MNF for Import & Export Petroleum Products has been evolved from being a small factory in 1997 to become a company with large production and export capacity. We export petroleum products with large volumes every month to Europe and Asia and Africa. Applying modern technologies with the support of our R&D in production, product development, and storage capacity‎.
MNF Core Values

Core Values

• Our Employees are a vital power
• Customer-oriented
• Goals and action-oriented
• Think different and Be different
• Commitment- Responsibility- Integrity-Confidentiality
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MNF aspiration from 2003 till now is to expand internationally in our export operations to reach 90% of the target production capacity. All our employees are professional and work to produce the best quality for all of our customers’ strata.

We always strive to satisfy our customers and meet their requirements with the highest global standards.

Delivering in time

Offering you commitment

High Performance, High Productivity

High quality, Competitive Price

Meet all requirements